Digital check-up test

Digital Media Balance Wheel
General Understanding
All parts of the wheel are equally important but General Understanding is your foundation. If the score is low, it needs to be fixed before any other area.
Everything you do should have a package. Before you have a loyal client - loyalty builds up in what you do and how you show it.
Product is what you do for your target audience to get to their desired result. Lets make sure it is clear and simple in your communication as well.
It is extremely important to know exactly who are you talking to, ideally in tiniest details. Even your audience' likes and dislikes.
Content Plan
Is a creativity in your excel file. The more time you spend plan in your xls sheet the better your content plan is.
When all elements of the wheel are fixed and tuned we start our promotion. And it can and should be done with content.

Test allows you to identify weakest areas, map the next point of effort to ensure smooth flow of your brand’s information to the target audience.  Test is ideal for small and medium businesses that want to accelerate digital presence or transition to selling online.

Answering a set of carefully selected questions allows you in just 5 minutes evaluate how balanced is your communication online and identify the next point of effort.  When defined correctly, it will make improvements in digital marketing process and make the wheel spin.

Our BYOME  Workshop is created so you can fill all the gaps in General Understanding of the subject and tune the wheel, so it starts turning.

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Digital check-up test

General Understanding

We have a content plan

We know how to plan our communication

We have a CRM system

We align analytics and content plan

We know ROI of our digital marketing efforts

Our business description fits into 150 symbols

Our communication is personalized

We have a branded visual design and use it in our communication

Every new client who lands on our account can instantly see What, How and How much

We plan photoshoots and graphic production on a regular basis

We have at least one signature product/service in our shop

We have a range of products/services in our shop

Our clients can find information about our products within a minute

Our customer finds the price of our product/service within few seconds

Our customer can buy our product/service in 3-5 clicks and one finger

We know our audience age, gender, location

We our audience status and physical lifestyle habits

We know interests and feelings of our audience

We know dreams of our audience regarding the problem we solve

We know what frustrates our audience

We have a content plan for a week/month

We attach financial plans to our content plans

Our content plan includes blocks about products, values, problems and desired results of the audience

Our content is a mix of formats: pictures, texts, videos

We know how to use the format of stories and use for selling

We have a promotion plan to attract audience

We have a promotion plan

We do targeted advertising

We have accounts where our audience is

We plan a budget for our promotoion

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